Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer is Awesome

We love summer!
We love the smells!
   fresh cut lawns
   salty air
We love the sounds!
   crashing waves
   crickets and frogs
   boat motors
   pool splashing

We love the BEACH!

Kiki is a builder. She loves to make her sandcastles tall, taller TALLEST!
She loves buckets and shovels and collects shells from every beach she has visited.
She keeps them in clear glass jars and relives her beach days any time she wants!

What are your favorite things to do at the beach?
Do you like to play in the sand?
Do you like to build a sand city?
Do you like to look for creatures?

The beach is always a great place to make new friends.
 It is also a great place to spend time playing with your family!

Get your fins on and explore the shallow water with a dive mask!
You can see all kinds of  swirls where the water and sand collide.

You can snorkel!

 You can surf!

 You can bask in the sun!

 You can pack a picnic lunch and snacks and share it with your friends!

 You can play all day in summer and the sunshine never ends!

And if you live too far away to visit your nearest beach today?

Ask MOM to grab a bag of sand, a bucket and some shells.
You can make your very own beach in your own backyard...

And have your very own beach tale to tell!

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