Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lolli and Monkey Bear

This is Lolli.
And this is Lolli's room.
Lolli LOVES her room.
Sometimes she disappears in there playing for hours.

She will get caught up reading picture books and playing with her Monkey Bear.

She and Monkey Bear love to make up their own stories and act all the parts out.
They especially like stories about BEST FRIENDS.
And animal friends.
And faraway-pen-pal-exotic friends.
Made up friends.
Real friends.
Friends of friends.
Those friends' friends.

You know.
I think they just like friends.

Sometimes Lolli tells Monkey Bear the story of how they met.

"Once upon a time, there was a faraway playground.
A fancy, swirly-sweet playground made from ice cream.
And candy.
And one day, a little girl found the playground.
And it was empty.
Except for one little Monkey Bear swinging by himself.

And the little girl walked up to the little Monkey Bear.
She held out her hand and said the bravest thing a little girl could ever say.
She said, "Want to be my friend?"

And she waited.
She waited for Monkey Bear to say anything.
And Monkey Bear blinked.

And the little girl said just a little bit louder, and even braver,
"Hey YOU Monkey Bear! I said, do you want to be my friend?!"

And the Monkey Bear said "OH YES!"
"I'm sorry! I couldn't hear you! I was pretty close to the speakers at that ELMO LIVE concert last night!"
And the little girl said,"OOOH! I wanted to go SO BAD but I had to go visit my Grandmama, TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!"

And Monkey Bear did.
He told her every single thing and even sang the songs for her.
And they munched on the ice cream playground and finished off most of the candy.
Then he made her a playlist of some of his other favorite songs.
And put it on her iPod.

And to this very day the little girl has that playlist on repeat.
And they are the BEST-est of friends.
No "The End".
Because friend ship shouldn't have to have an ending."

And Monkey Bear always asks, What's a friend ship?
And Lolli tells him she isn't exactly sure but maybe it is an old wooden ship...

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