Thursday, July 5, 2012


This is Embry.
Embry is a stinker!

Where there is trouble?
Embry will be there.
Find a big mess?
Embry WILL NOT be there.
But chances are, Embry had something to do with it.
Embry likes a good mess.

Embry was scared to start going to Boo Boo Kiss Academy.
School was not exactly what Embry had planned.
Embry likes to stay at home with Mommy and read and clean and run errands.

But then Embry met Boo Boo Kiss.
And changed that little mind.
Even though Embry gets a little nervous before school,
As soon as Boo Boo Kiss makes the scene, Embry is a happy little ducky.

Everybody loves Boo Boo Kiss.

Embry learned that it's okay to be scared.
But you don't want to miss out on the fun.
Sometimes even when you are not sure how things will turn out,
they really do turn out just great.

It helped that Embry has a sibling in her class.
Do you know what a sibling is?
It is a brother or a sister!
Embry loves to sing this song with her sibling, Morgan.

 CHUDDERS (the song)

If you start feeling just a bit sentimental,
Put your arm around me, you don't have to be gentle,

And we can start swinging our arms
And singing my song.

If you find yourself feeling just a little bit lonely
Looking for a friend but you find you are the only
Keep looking around the house
and you will find me.

Grab a hold of my hand because you are my besty.
Better than the others you are better than the rest-y
You're better than the besty best friend,
because you're MY best friend.

And we also love our MUDDER!
She introduced us to our CHUDDER!

Sisters and Brothers really need one another.
I can trade my sister for your cute little brother.
But in the end you better give me mine back,
Because she's my fave.

I love you and you love me.
I'm so happy about our family.
Arms around our chudders and sing it with glee.
Sing with me.

And we also love our MUDDER!
She introduced us to our CHUDDER!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Littles

This is Morgan.
Morgan is a LITTLE.
Or, one of the little ones at Boo Boo Kiss Academy.
All the BIG KIDS help the LITTLES.
They help them reach stuff they are too small to reach.
Help them learn stuff because BIG KIDS can teach.

Morgan is the oldest of the LITTLES.
Smart, funny, and full of energy, Morgan really knows how to make a HUGE mess!

Do YOU know how to make a HUGE MESS?
A mess SO HUGE that someone starts freaking out?
Because it isn't HUGE until a grown-up freaks out.
That is pretty much the rule!

Morgan loves hats.
And has quite a few.
Each hat has a different personality that goes with it.
This hat is definitely a PARTY ANIMAL hat!

Morgan loves to party.
To sing.
To dance.
To run in circles screaming.
To fall on the floor laughing until SOMEONE has to go POTTY!

But mostly Morgan loves friends.
Before bed at night, Morgan makes special papers with markers and tape for her new friends.
New friends that might introduce themselves tomorrow.
It is best to be prepared, you know.

Here is Morgan without a hat.

Do you have any hats?
Do you like to pretend that you are someone new when you wear one?
Do you have any pictures of YOU in your hat?
We would love to see it!
Send us a link!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Drumroll, please....

 Meet Boo Boo Kiss!
She is the fearless leader of the Boo Boo Kiss Academy!

If you get a boo boo?
She will kiss it and make it BETTER!

I mean, clearly those lips are some boo boo kissing lips.

She is a "Propa Nanneh".
Loves children, paints with fingers, tells great stories, and is a seasoned referee.
She sings songs, picks flowers, plays dress up, and can build just about anything with some styrofoam, yarn, macaroni and glue!

She loves all the kids in the world.
But she especially loves the students at the Academy.
They are her sunshines.

Boo Boo Kiss is a hit with kids of all ages.
But the snuggly ones really make her heart sing.
She loves to snuggle, and her heart LOVES to sing.

Boo Boo Kiss wants your kid to join her crew and join in the fun!
Big or little, or in the middle, Boo Boo and her friends want to be friends with you!