Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cholly and Lolli Scuba and Surf

 This is Lolli.

She likes to scuba.
She likes to watch jellyfish swim in the sea.
She knows better than to touch them.
(But she carries meat tenderizer and white vinegar with her just in case it happens.)
Lolli is full of random useful knowledge.
But she does tend to digress.

Anyway, she likes to scuba.

This is Cholly.
He is wuhking on pwonouncing his awws.
He likes to Suwf.

He's a weally good swimmew.
 Cholly and Lolli love the ocean and all of it's many creatures.
They started The "Save the Jellyfish Club".
One time Lolli's mom made sandwiches for the club out of tuna fish and jelly.
She called them "jellyfish sandwiches".
And Cholly suggested they change the name of the club to "Save the Ham and Cheese".
But that club just never really gained momentum as much as it inspired better lunches.
So everybody won.

Cholly and Lolli have this game who-can-find-the-best-trash-on-the-beach and they get all their friends to play it. The winner gets to WIN!
So maybe the next club will be something to do with that.
As long as they can still have ham and cheese on their sandwiches.
Because NO ONE wants trash sandwiches, LOLLI'S MOM!

 This message brought to you by people who like a clean beach. Who doesn't LOVE the beach? And dolphins? And little baby sea turtles?

"No, weally, Man. Evewybody I know likes to clean up the beach!"

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