Friday, June 22, 2012


Howdy there, kids!
It's ME!
Cowgirl Lolli!
I'm the sharpest shooter in the West!

I love to take pretty pictures.
Pretty pictures help me remember the things I have done!
Sometimes my mommy puts all the pictures I take in a week into a photo album.
Then I have my own little book!

 Do you like to take pictures?
Do you like to DRAW pictures?
A lot of times I draw a picture of something I want to remember.
And then my mommy puts it on the refrigerator.
And then I remember every time I walk by it.
And then I tell my dad all about it.
And he says, "Oh yes what is THIS PART, Lolli." and "Lolli what are THESE guys doing here?"

And then we laugh and LAUGH and laugh because I almost always draw funny things.

Draw a picture of ME!
Don't forget my RED hair and GREEN eyes!
And certainly don't forget my Cowgirl hat!

Have a great weekend!

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