Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Morning Kiki!

Good morning Kiki!
Did you sleep well last night?
Sometimes Kiki doesn't sleep so soundly.
But she always gets up in the morning with a smile and ready for FUN!


Kiki loves to travel.
She has been many places.
She has collected many things.
She loves maps.

And daydreaming about far away places.

She loves to tappa tap tap on her typewriter.
She likes to sleep in her shoes.

She is Lolli's very best friend.
She tells really good stories.

What's that Kiki?
You have a story to tell?
We are ALL EARS!

 Once Upon a time, in a far away land there was a cat.
He lived at the beach and held the reigning title of "SEA KITTY".
He was the most awesome kitty in the world.

 What made the kitty a SEA KITTY?
He had a tiny boat and an eye patch, and the other kitties called him

 One day Captain Fishbeard sailed off into the sunset.
He sailed and he sailed on the open sea for days.
Eventually, his boat found land again.

 The first thing Captain Fishbeard found was a fish market.
He ordered up some eel and octopus and 5 kinds of fish to eat.

And when he was finished eating, his beard REALLY DID smell like fish.
And so did his fur.
And he lived happily until a mid life crisis.
Whereby he traded his boat in for a motorcycle and toured AFRICA.
Which is a story for a different day.
The End.

Why thank you Kiki!
We hope you have an awesome day!

Can you draw a picture of Captain Fishbeard?
We would love to see what you come up with!

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