Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Mermaid Story

Some days all I can think about is cupcakes.
And stars.
And the moon.
I think about the moon A LOT.
And Peeps.
I do love him so.
Some kids love trains, and some kids love to play kitchen.
Some love chalk and some love games.
And even though I do (I really do) like all of those things, (who wouldn't?)
I am always in for a puppet show.

Do YOU like puppet shows?
Puppets are just so funny with their flappy little heads. 
If I don't have a puppet of something, I just make one.
In fact right now I am working on a mermaid puppet.

Would you like to hear the story that goes along with her?

Once upon a time there was a mermaid.
They were mermaid sisters.
And their names were Beatrice and Emily.
No, wait.
That doesn't sound right.
Finley and Jordan.
Yes, That sounds more mermaid-y.
There names were Finley and Jordan.

Anyhoo, Finley and Jordan weren't just mermaid sisters.
They were the best of friends.

One day when Finley was out swimming in the ocean, she came across a shoe.
She thought, "I am going to give this TREASURE to Jordan! She will LOVE IT!"

And as she swam back to their little mermaid house, she wondered what this treasure even was.

See, mermaids have fins, not feet, so they don't even wear shoes.
Since Finley had never even seen FEET before, she was at a loss.
She thought maybe it was a fish trap, or a sea horse bed, or a DINNER.
But it really didn't seem (or taste) like any of those things. (ptooey)

So Finley decided maybe Jordan could tell her.

Turns out, Jordan had NO CLUE what the treasure was either.
They decided to call it a Beeboobobber.
They stuck a plant right in the foot hole of the Beeboobobber and were easily the envy of Beeboobobber-less mermaids everywhere.
The sisters decided that they would spend their lives collecting Beeboobobbers and reselling them to their mermaid friends.

And indeed, they opened the very first underwater Beeboobobber store and made piles of shells.
I mean, so many shells they opened 3 more Beeboobobber stores.
Who knew Beeboobobbers were going to be all the rage in a mermaid world?
What luck to be able to really crest a trend like that!

And I wish I could tell you that THAT was the end, but seriously, I just ran into Finley the other day and they really have a hard time keeping up with all the business and are looking to expand again...