Monday, July 2, 2012

Drumroll, please....

 Meet Boo Boo Kiss!
She is the fearless leader of the Boo Boo Kiss Academy!

If you get a boo boo?
She will kiss it and make it BETTER!

I mean, clearly those lips are some boo boo kissing lips.

She is a "Propa Nanneh".
Loves children, paints with fingers, tells great stories, and is a seasoned referee.
She sings songs, picks flowers, plays dress up, and can build just about anything with some styrofoam, yarn, macaroni and glue!

She loves all the kids in the world.
But she especially loves the students at the Academy.
They are her sunshines.

Boo Boo Kiss is a hit with kids of all ages.
But the snuggly ones really make her heart sing.
She loves to snuggle, and her heart LOVES to sing.

Boo Boo Kiss wants your kid to join her crew and join in the fun!
Big or little, or in the middle, Boo Boo and her friends want to be friends with you!

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