Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Littles

This is Morgan.
Morgan is a LITTLE.
Or, one of the little ones at Boo Boo Kiss Academy.
All the BIG KIDS help the LITTLES.
They help them reach stuff they are too small to reach.
Help them learn stuff because BIG KIDS can teach.

Morgan is the oldest of the LITTLES.
Smart, funny, and full of energy, Morgan really knows how to make a HUGE mess!

Do YOU know how to make a HUGE MESS?
A mess SO HUGE that someone starts freaking out?
Because it isn't HUGE until a grown-up freaks out.
That is pretty much the rule!

Morgan loves hats.
And has quite a few.
Each hat has a different personality that goes with it.
This hat is definitely a PARTY ANIMAL hat!

Morgan loves to party.
To sing.
To dance.
To run in circles screaming.
To fall on the floor laughing until SOMEONE has to go POTTY!

But mostly Morgan loves friends.
Before bed at night, Morgan makes special papers with markers and tape for her new friends.
New friends that might introduce themselves tomorrow.
It is best to be prepared, you know.

Here is Morgan without a hat.

Do you have any hats?
Do you like to pretend that you are someone new when you wear one?
Do you have any pictures of YOU in your hat?
We would love to see it!
Send us a link!

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